BK Club’s Loser’s Wall of Fame

Coming soon we gonna celebrate all the BIG LOSERS out there!  Losing never looked so good until we got there.  🙂

The idea here will be to list each weight loss blogger and a link to their post of when they reach goals of :

First 5 pounds

Lafemmeroar       Beth    Erin


10 pound club

Erica       Erin    Marina

20 pound club

Misty         Andie       Beth         Erica        Erin

25 pound club

Shonnie        Beth      Erica

30 pound club

Shonnie       Andie         Beth      Erica     Erin

40 Pound Club

OptiFast Blogger          Shonnie       Andie        Beth       Erica

50 pound club

Shonnie            J      Andie          Beth         Erica

60 Poun Club

Shonnie            Beth    Andie       Erica

70 Pound Club

Paul Bentley             Shonnie            Beth         Erica

75 pound club

Life’s Little Slices      David         Shonnie         Beth     Erica

80 Pound Club

Shonnie   Lifewiththeblond

90 Pound Club

Shonnie   Erica

The Century Club

Testing True Change  Erica

120 Pound Club

OptiFast LOSER

150 Pound Club

200 Pound Club

WINNER’s CIRCLE — These folks have made it to GOAL!

Grumpy      Dizi Daisy

We all need to celebrate our accomplishments and leave a trail for others to find hope along their individual paths to health and fitness.

I will need just a little help from you.  When you reach a goal weight and write a post about it leave a link for me in the comments below so that I can tag you with the Post that you would like people to read when they click on the different Pound Clubs.  🙂  Thanks

Blessings ~~ Shonnie

41 thoughts on “BK Club’s Loser’s Wall of Fame

    • Erica you are doing amazingly! I am trying NOT to get down on myself that I stopped working to my goal weight and started working on my healthy fit body instead. CONGRATS on how well you are doing! So excited.

  1. I bounced over here after our lively discussion on The Reluctant Monogamist’s blog… when you said your blog was about obesity… I have lost 80 pounds in my journey this past year. And although none of my children are autistic, I do have 4 with ADD / ADHD and one with post-traumatic stress syndrome and one with Oppositional Defiance Disorder. I think we have a few things in common! Following your blog from here on out, hope you’ll jump over and check out mine too! I haven’t written about my weight loss yet, but I just may….

    • Totally, a done deal-i-O girl! 🙂 I think we do have just a few things in common. Happy Hubbies –now that our inner freak is out! 😉 I have 4 children. Each has something going on … one has ADD, dislexia, and tourettes — gotta love life! Really, I do! 😀

      WTG on the 80 pounds. I am gonna add you to the Butt Kickers Wall of Fame under that number and add you to the Butt Kickers Club too! 😀 Cuz you are one Butt Kickin’ Lady for sure!

      • Thank you! We have 7 kids in all, 3 were ours to start with and 4 we are adopting because CPS removed them from my sister… It’s been a roller coaster ride, but worth every twist and turn!

  2. Alrighty…here I go:

    10 pounds lost: http://afoodaddict.com/2011/07/24/weigh-day-week-two/

    20 pounds lost: http://afoodaddict.com/2011/08/22/weigh-day-week-six/

    25 pounds lost: http://afoodaddict.com/2011/09/04/weigh-day-week-eight/

    30 pounds lost: http://afoodaddict.com/2011/09/18/weigh-day-week-ten/

    40 pounds lost: http://afoodaddict.com/2011/10/30/weigh-day-week-sixteen/

    50 pounds lost: http://afoodaddict.com/2011/11/13/weigh-day-week-eighteen/

    I’ll tell you…digging through all of my old weigh in posts is certainly enlightening! The 10 pounds from 30 to 40 pounds took a *long* time, but then the 10 between 40 and 50 was *so* quick! Crazy! It’s also interesting to see the difference in my mental status on weigh day (from the beginning to now). It used to be so stressful! LOL – Now I actually look forward to it! 😉

    Thanks, Shonnie! You’re the best!

    • Erica — you are pretty awesome yourself. Thanks for sharing your links.! 🙂 I knew i had seen an email and I couldn’t find that, and you posted me a note that you left me the links … I had to check the waiting for approval pile to find your links. But I did! Yea! 😀

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  4. I realized, looking back through posts, that I don’t often feature the # of pounds lost as the main part of a blog post, even though I’m tracking it daily. I had to go back to look at my weight graph then see what I blogged about that day. I think that’s good, on the whole, that I’m not automatically focusing only on the pounds lost, because when I’m hitting those milestones, I am thinking about how I got there & how I’ll keep going.

    20 pounds:

    30 pounds:

    40 pounds:

    50 pounds:

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    • That will be awesome Lafe girl! I had to shock my system to make it let go of the weight–my body is weird and Crazy–crazy body club haha! I can totally understand your plan, and I bet it will work like a charm. Keep me posted on how you do. I want to list you in the FIVE pound club–cuz that is a big deal–your first five pounds is MAJOR! Thanks for all your support. You are a great buddy!

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