Oh… Bad Word … Bad Word I give UP!


I love good food … even better when it is good for you!

Good morning!

Mine started early. No, that isn’t my breakfast, but everything I tried to post messed up. I wanted to share with, what few readers might still be out there, where I have been all these months, and show them the fruits of my labors. After THREE Failed attempts to put the collage together … I gave up.
I did eat a quarter of an avocado. Egg pancake–I will explain another time when I am not so lazy. The lizards have lost their minds croaking. Am i in attack of the lizards? I didn’t know such small things could be so loud. Is this their mating season? I have no clue. Oh … and back to breakfast … coffee. I know I ate something else, but I cannot remember what it is now. The lizards have upset my balance.

Since my attempts to share my life failed, I decided to share my food Idea from last night. Well … it is not –just– last nights food, but one of those things where you make a big pot of stuff so you can eat on it all the week that way you don’t have to cook cuz-you-are-lazy-feeling-but-like-to-EAT-deal. I’m in an uninspired place where cooking is concerned. I want to eat well, but I don’t want to work at it. I don’t even want to go out to eat if it isn’t good …. which can land me in a non-meal situation. BUT … if fries are involved or fried cheese in any form … junk food here I come. What is with that?

Sorry if you came looking for a recipe … maybe when I get out of my funk I will post the super simple easy crock pot chicken recipe. Right now … I am rebelling.  

Non-meal plan situations are very hazardous. It gets me into sticky situations sticking to the goal I have set out for myself. Which left unattended too long can cause me serious weight gain. Which cascades into emotional distress for me about my body image and the slippery slope then slams into my families health … Or at least their emotional wellbeing is placed in jeopardy. Since … sigh … I really like them to be healthy in all areas of their lives, I do try to make sure I eat regularly. You know the whole blood-sugar-crashing-diabetic-mania thing isn’t one of their favs.  

Thankfully, I have been alone for a little over a week with no one but myself to worry about … several times I just didn’t eat. Why? I didn’t feel like making food. I have two-year-old-ish meltdowns on the phone with Mikey, in which he laughs at me while trying to comfort me. As long as he listens and doesn’t say anything super stupid (he does that sometimes–very disastrous), He scores browny points and I feel supported in my fitty state.

I was proud of myself for making FOOD. Then, it griped my tummy. WHY? What about organic chicken breast, avocado, and romaine lettuce could possibly gripe your stomach? WHO the BLANK knows! Oh well … I give up. I’m gonna eat it anyway. I am too lazy to make something else … besides it tastes good.

Do you ever get in these places where you want super great tasting food, but you do not wish to do anything about it? Like … you just wish it to appear. I can’t call for pizza, I mean I could, but it would burn my tummy and I would be up half the night with acid reflux. Who wants that? I would be an even worse mood. So, I whine, and drag myself into the kitchen to make something that will work so that I can stay on my Flipin’ meal plan. My lifestyle change. My healthy living-so-I-don’t-die-early plan.  

STOP ….. Hold the phone ……… I am having a meltdown!

Oh help me Lord--it is all I can do not to sin … ok … I did sin.  I want to brain the vaca renter next door. I was on the front porch –trying to enjoy being outside writing and he came out smoking. I moved to write on the back porch … just get all comfy, and he is Flippin’ on the Flippin’ back porch now!!!! I am deadly allergic. I mean do people not understand that smoking actually messes people up even outdoors???? It will make it where I can’t breathe. I won’t even let my family or friends smoke anywhere near my house–WHY–because the stink S#$# collects under the porch and It makes me ILL. I end up on an F’ing inhaler. I am sure he heard me cuss — WAS NOT my plan. I had a human moment–don’t stone me.  It wasn’t a nice little swear word either … think F’ing sons of funny biscuit eaters … as I  packed up my stuff and marched indoors … slamming the door in disgust. I get sick of being punished by other folks bad habits. Still, I hadn’t planned for him to hear me, but he did. He moved over, but the stench floats the direction of the wind — which is blowing my way.

It wouldn’t be AS big a deal if their porch wasn’t lined up with mine, but it is, and it is above mine …. so the disgusting smoke floats down and screws up my outdoor space. I hate that the guy who bought the house next to me is doing weekly rentals……… uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh that is another story all together. So … I will shut up.

Write-us-inter-ruptous has happened and my brain will not go back to the regularly scheduled programing … so I am going to sign off for a bit and put myself back together. Thankfully, I have food made and I rode my bike early this am … I’m off to a better start than it sounds.  hehehe I think … When I started this post I felt like I was having a good morning.   How quickly things can change … sigh … I will be ok …

I just need a Mikey hug

Mikey hugs make me feel good.

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