Where the heck have I been?

  Just painting and crafting and sewing.  Sometimes I get lost in creative projects and it can be hard to find me outside of visiting me where I am crafting.  I am sticking to my diet.  I think my diet is unleashing my mind in creative ways–while it has been warping my reflexes and energy.  My body has been all the way around the block and back.  

Thankfully, I have had things, fun things, to distract my mind.  I normally get a walk in everyday.  When I don’t my weight won’t inch down.  So, walking is key.  I biked about the hood and lost a bit of weight then too.  So … The take away is I MUST be active beyond my creative movement … IF I want the scale to go down.  In general, since I am a FAT WOMAN I want the Flippin scale to go DOWN!

In my body’s normal butt-Wipey-Fashion will jump up aggressively on days I go off this diet.  I really have to tell you life just is NOT fair sometimes.  I should be able to lose as fast as I gain, but NOT SO.  I guess I can be comforted in … NOTHING!  Not really, I just forgot what I was going to write because I started watching TV!  Hehe … I am comforted that my blood sugar and blood pressure numbers are falling when I eat the diet and they rise when I don’t … So I know what is best for me.

This is a find.  I just have to keep pressing in and working this.

Check y’all later.

3 thoughts on “Where the heck have I been?

  1. I do better with my eating habits when I’m distracted with a project. So good for you that you’ve been crafting. Maybe you can show us some of your creations! 🙂

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