How to refocus your eating habits.

I know that I just shared some sad info –but I had to share this because I am going to use this over the next few weeks to help me deal with my life and eating during my time of stress.  These are some smart folks:
You can’t win a battle of wills against your physiology no more than you could fall asleep with someone suddenly smacking you in the face every two minutes!!

This is why the dieting mentality will fail you every single time. Rather than focusing on the amount of calories you are eating at a meal, get into the habit of paying attention to how your meal choices make you FEEL.

Are the meals you are eating making you more or less hungry? Are they causing cravings for worse things later in the day? Is what you are choosing at each meal making you feel energetic and motivated to exercise? This is how you need to begin to think about food.

What you eat at one meal (or don’t eat) directly impacts how much you eat and what you choose to eat at the next meal. This is why we often open up our refrigerators at the end of the day, see fresh cut vegetables and lean protein right in front of us, then promptly walk right over to the drawer with chips and chocolate.

It does not matter how many calories your lunch had if it causes you to eat more calories and the wrong type of calories at your next meal!! From now on, focus on your hunger, energy and cravings (we call this HEC) between each meal. Start noticing how meal frequency and meal composition impact these biofeedback tools. Doing this along with tracking your weekly fat loss results is the way to uncover your fat loss formula.

If you have not watched our free video series on fat loss (found above in the “free vids” tab) please do. Video # 3 goes into the metabolic formula in detail. You can keep trying the same things over and over and getting the same results, or you can start the process of discovery that promises real change. It may at first seem harder this way, but in the end it brings you to a better place

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