Sports Bras, Bike Shorts, and a Dip in the Ocean

This past weekend after a short cycle and swim.

This past weekend after a short cycle and swim, before I listened to Mike and lost those glasses trying to ride the surf–not to mentioned drowned.  

This guy is the long answer for the “Why” I do anything, Mike, my critters, and my grand critters, they are the reason that I fight for my health and my life.   They are my reason to press … but what does that have to do with the title??  Not much, but I just felt like sharing my motivation.  😉

Now, on to the title … Would you loose respect for me if I told you I shucked my shirt and dove in the ocean in my sports bra and bike shorts just before I took that pic??  With all my lovely belly fat exposed??  There were a few folks that were staring at me like I had lost my mind.  Either that or they were fascinated by my fantastic figure.

Should I be ashamed?  I don’t think so.  What’s a sports bra … a bra made for swimming …  if not to swim in the ocean when you are HOT??  I know … I know … I don’t have the body to be running around in my sports bra, but … what can I say?  I was hot and I needed to cool off.   Besides I will most likely never see the people on the beach again.   Do you think I am scanky?  You do?  Shhhh … Don’t tell me … I don’t really wanna know.     🙂

I overheated when we went for the ride on Saturday.  Things have been going wrong in my body and in my energy levels — this is the reason that I started fiddling with my diet — more on that later, back to the point of this pic.   Saturday, when this pic was taken, I started melting down and overheating on the cycle about town we had planned.   Me melting down is never a good thing.  I start yelling at people.  Yelling ugly words.  Thankfully, Mike always adjusts for my puny body issues.  Since I was on meltdown street we cut the ride short and jumped in the ocean wearing our bike shorts (me-plus my sports bra) after shucking off our shirts.

So … there you have it.  I wear a bikini and sports bras to swim in the ocean sometimes, even though I don’t have the body for it.  I decided that I was going to accept my stretched, lumpy, not perfect body just as it is.    No apologies, even with the shocked stares from the prim ladies squad.  I even give them a great big confident smile.  For some reason they always feel the need to stare at me, and some/most even turn around and watch me towel off and dress.  Now, I do wear a two-piece tankini that covers my belly as well when I am hanging with family, it just depends on how I feel that day, But it is kinda fun to just let go and wear sports bras and bikini tops.

Who knew I was a rebel??  Sometimes I even surprise myself.

Laters gators …Shonnie

7 thoughts on “Sports Bras, Bike Shorts, and a Dip in the Ocean

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