Heartbroken ….


Even when you know something … it hurts when the news finally comes.  Such is life.  There are ups and there are downs.  One must learn to savor the moments of joy … the moments of beauty … for there are always going to be the moments filled with sorrow and pain.

Autisim isn’t a death sentense, but it is a long hard road of struggle.

We suspected that our oldest grandson was on the spectrum–bit the bullet and told our kiddos.  Today … we got confirmation that it is most probably true.  The tests begin.  The stuggle begins.  Though I know good things can happen … my heartache deepens (they moved to Alaska) we barely get to see them … and now I cannot help them.

I know God is good.  I hope in that.  But I am a human being and my heart bleeds with sorrow at this moment.  I would be better if I were there to help, but I am not, so now I just hope and pray.  

I long for a peaceful life … I do not believe I will ever know one.  

Today, is a day of sorrow.  Today, is a day of darkness.  Tomorrow the fight begins anew.  One is allowed to experience the pain.  To feel the pain.  To grieve the loss … but one must get up and fight the good fight.

Blessings ………

6 thoughts on “Heartbroken ….

  1. So sorry for this kind of news for you. Knowing sooner rather than later is best for all in the long run. But I know that you know that. Hugs, good thoughts, and prayers for all of you.

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