What’s my problem???

I have no idea.

I have had a the dumps for a week.  You know how life can go sometimes.  Everything is breaking at the same time.  Other road blocks keep popping up for my Married son, son, and expecting-the-second-baby wife moving into their own place.  Our taxes keep getting delayed and well … it is going to screw up things for Collin–major bad.  I’m kinda flipping out.  I’m not waking up so I can get in my exercise in this week … so thats not helping.

Life’s not bad.  Just crazy nuts.  I think there has just been too many setbacks and super big changes happening for the past year and a half … I can barely tell which way I am going.

I love this blog.  I hate coming here with a draggy attitude.

Weight loss front — totally sucking!  Just flat lining or inching up.  Pissin’ me off MAJOR BAD!

Still … there is always some thing to smile about … if you just take a moment to look

Sophie is turned 3 today

Sophie is turned 3 today — Wed.

Will is so fun to play with.  :)

Will is so fun to play with. 🙂

At the doctors office ... Sophia put on the show of her life.  hahaha ...

 Wednesday At the doctors office … Sophia put on the show of her life. hahaha …

Me 'n boo ... even though its blurry I love it!  :D

Me ‘n boo … even though its blurry I love it!   I had chills when his row stood up to walk to the podium.  God is good.  😀

There is more I want to say, but that will have to wait for later.

13 thoughts on “What’s my problem???

  1. Inching up is certainly better than the MOON ROCKET BLAST OFF I did the last two weeks. Ate everything. Only reason I stopped is there isn’t any food left in the metro New Orleans area. Surprised I wasn’t on the news for eating that much. 😛

    Back to work for me.

  2. I think when my son graduated from high school I was a little depressed too, happy and depressed at the same time, my baby boy was growing up! 😦

  3. We all get the blues every now and then, and it’s tough wading through them. But I can never see pictures of your family without thinking how lovely they are. They’ll get you through and back on track if nothing else will

  4. ((((hugs)))) just want you to know that you always inspire me !! We all get the “dumps” sometime, but you are such a strong, inspirational, beautiful woman….they won’t last long. Love ya girly !!

  5. Mama… you should be so proud you’re bustin’ your buttons! Your miracle child GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL! What a blessing! The Lord loves to pour out His blessings on us and lavish us with love. If he was able to graduate from a mainstream high school, the rest of your worries will sort themselves out. Eventually. But focus on the joys of his major accomplishment as well as the hugs and kisses from the grandkidlets. Life really is good!


    • It is good. I agree. I have been seriously grappling with depression … I think it is all the fears of the past that have been lived down. I think I am finally allowing myself to feel it. Much better today though. 😀

      • I know how that goes… and you can only keep a stiff upper lip for so long before your body and mind can’t hold everything off any longer. Then you have to allow yourself the time to grieve, be angry, and the like. The defense mechanisms we employ only work for so long. I’ll be praying for God to show you His grace and love and for you to be alert to it. I can’t begin to estimate how many times He’s been standing right in front of me, waiting to dole out His love and grace and I’ve been so wrapped up in myself that I’ve walked right by. I’ll be praying you see it and respond. Hugs!

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