Fat Woman Walking


Lovely cloudy day.

  I’m working on the photos I took of my fat A walkin’ down the beach.  I am super proud of my fluffy self for GETTING OUT THERE and kickin’ it!  I know I shouldn’t be feeling like I kicked Ass just to walk down the beach and back.  I even did squats at the Crab trap before I turn my Booteay around and headed back to the house to maketh my sandwich-eth.  

I really wanted a cool fat woman pic collage — but I am actually tired and not sure I really “FEEL” like fixing pics.  I know that is kinda lame, but that’s just how I roll some days.  I am still proud of myself.  After months of being ill, I am finally starting to feel like ME.  It could be the iron is starting to work and that I have spent a YEAR with low iron and that was why doing anything AT ALL felt like I was dragging both legs broken through mud.


This is the best I could do … and all these pics were taken as I walked down the beach at different points.

We left my hormone patches in B’ham–so life could get interesting for Mike before the stickers show up tomorrow.  I promise I am trying to be sweet, but uhhhhh … Well … Being tired kinda makes me a challenge.  I am doing pretty good even thought I did leave my meds in B’ham when we flew through there for a day-and-a-half after a slightly-whirl-wind-trip through four states.  It started with us leaving Birmigham the day after Christimas and heading to Florida with my Grandaughter for four days of fun–it was a blast. When it was time to return Sophia we headed toward  Mobile, AL, trading our adorable Sophia with her very lonely mom and dad for flowers we needed for a wedding in Lousisiana.  Those were some Super-Fast-Wild-Fun-Times with my family down-home.  It was so nice to gather with family for a Fun and Happy Reason–often, these days it is only for the sad reasons we gather.  After we had the kiddo’s safety wed, Mike and I headed for Mississippi to hang with my parents for a few days, then back to Birmingham, for a short stop before going Back to Florida.  I’m not gonna LIE … Mike could be in for a few challenging days … cuz chicka has pushed her body just a tad.  😬😬😬 

So … The fact that I made my bed–Heck just getting out of it was a feat!–cleaned up the kitchen, AND went for a walk makes me feel pretty darn good about ME!

And then she crashed.  She passed out.  Yeah, that is what just happened. Hours later and a serious squat screw up later I am finishing this up. 

It was a lovely day …. until the squats

One thought on “Fat Woman Walking

  1. Oh YEAH!!! Hormones !!! a VERY underestimated, under understood word! WOW! LOL before those gremlins started playing up – I never realised how east I actually had it!!! Love the pics Shonnie – I would love to be walking that beach – your look gorgeous as always! ❤

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