Limping into Today…smiling.

I didn’t pass out on the machine, but I did once I sat down at home!

I worked out yesterday.

My scales tipped up 2 pounds from the last time I weighed … not sure if I mentioned that the other day when I wrote.  My brain is a little cloudy and I will check on that later. I thought I did a good job of working to fail, but not to collapse–fail!  I wobbled myself but good.  I was good for nothing after the workout.

We tried to go for a walk on the beach.  I made it to the beach … but my but cheeks wouldn’t work properly for the stairs down.

Normally love these steps down to the beach.

I starred longingly toward the beach and sun, but my Gluteous Maximus muscles wouldn’t cooperate with my desire to step down.  So, Mike and I enjoyed the beauty of the outdoors then turned around and limped back to make shakes.  I was becoming a special kind of hungry–the special kind of grumpy.

I think several more of these muscles were also creating issues through the day.
I’m still not sure what I did that wiped me out so badly, but I was a noodle.  The workout was not THAT hard, or thats what I thought while doing it, but I did pass out cold.  Weird.

Today … I am moving super slow.  Its 11 and I haven’t really moved from my room.  I have managed to eat a bit of food, but otherwise, I am moving like a freaking snail.  There were things I was going to share with you, but uh … I gotta rest again.

Check back with y’all later!

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