Beach Party … yeah … yeah

yes ... this is where I will be! 🙂

Today is FRIDAY … the day before I leave for the BEACH!  This is my combo Anniversary/Kids Spring Break trip.  I am pretty excited.  Dr. Ard worked out a plan for me to be able to enjoy, a-close-to-our-normal-activity-level at the beach experience.  No … there still is NO food other than OptiFast products.  I am still on FULL FORMULA.  I just add more meals depending on the number of hours exercised over normal levels.

I am so grateful to have such a great staff of people helping me care for myself.  Adding in the extra activities has been nigh unto impossible with my regular formula consumption.   Yes, I am excited!  So … I am gonna give a 30 mile bike ride a whirl … this will be the first since starting OptiFast!  YIKES!   I hope it works out … cuz if it does … we are going to shoot for a bigger ride!  Yeah!  Baby!

HOLD ON … all you Scare-Dy cats and Worry Warts …. we are going to take it at an easy pace … with BREAKS so as not to be tired out.  We are going to map out the ride before we go — checking for important rest and emergency locations — also, to KNOW how far we have traveled in case the need arises that we have to discontinue moving forward.  Remember, the BEACH is flat compared to home, and is a MUCH easier ride–unless the wind kicks up–this is the reason we will have a plan before we head out.

I hate having to do that — plan it to death — but if I don’t on this restricted diet I wouldn’t be able to risk the ride.  Even with the added calories–It just would not be wise.  I want to succeed and make it to my goal, so the long range plan has to trump any-and-all short range treats or fun.

There will be generous amounts of leisure time sprinkled — with a few good books that I have saved for just this occasion.  I plan on recharging my batteries with sun, sand, bike rides, walks, swims, and lazy days sunning with a GOOD book.  I hope you all have a GREAT next week … I am sure that I will be blogging some of my adventure.  Gotta keep myself accountable.


Peace out and Cheers …..S



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