I’m sitting in bed, trying to think of what to write as I watch the light of day wane into dusk, and a cloying darkness settles over my room save for the glow of my computer screen.  The darkness is comforting like a warm cozy blanket.  I feel good.   The day has been crisp, fresh, bright, and cheery.  The contrasting darkness does not disturb me, but brings with it a new joy.  For as light has faded into dusk, a blissful quiet has settled over my home.  A quiet that cuddles my spirit and soothes away the stresses of my day.  Not that there were many, but it feels as though years are being washed away as the light fades to darkness and quiet calms the noise of my life.  I want to linger in this place between light and dark where peaceful stillness rules my world.  I know this will last but a moment … but oh what a moment to savor.

Pardon me … indulge me

I think I must linger a bit longer.

Blessings …S


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