Sunny Days

I think I picked a great time to go off grid. 😀 Mikey TIME!

Sunny days and long walks are always wonderful by the beach … unless it is crowed beyond belief … even then I love it.  I am waiting on Mikey to get back from working before leaving for my walk.   It is a lovely 81 degrees F … and there is a slight breeze.  I don’t feel like I have seen my husband in weeks.  We will probably turn the phones off, and just BE.

No interruptions with things to do.  I am calling a rest day.  What ever needs to be done can wait until Monday, and if it can’t well, it will have to–because we are off the grid.  😀

Love ya’ll … but I am so OUTY!


6 thoughts on “Sunny Days

    • It’s rare for us, but we have been staying angry–not good for health–so I made the call. :-). No problems can be solve, nor work can be done for the today or the next.

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