“Diet Plan” UpDate


I can eat most of this–but not the grape right now.

 Every time I write the word “DIET” I feel the need to explain myself.  I am really over the “WORD POLICE” who tell us how we are to think, or write, or feel.  You can call it a lifestyle change if you  don’t  want to use the word “Diet”–I’m cool with that, but KNOW this–you are talking about DIET when you talk about food.  Just for your info the definition of the word:




the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.

“a vegetarian diet”

synonyms: selection of food, food, foodstuffs; More


a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.

“I’m going on a diet”



restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight.

“it’s difficult to diet”

 So, do you all think we can just assume that I am talking about the FIRST two instead of making communication illegal unless we use the right word.  What I am working on is the kinds of food that I will be eating for a good while, possibly the rest of my life.  My plan is related directly to “medical issues” that I am trying to correct with food–under the direction of my primary physician–this plan is something VERY new for him to recommend.  


This is my plan in pictures. Yes, MY DOCTOR KNOWS. It was HIS idea.

My weight went down all week, but when I did the weekend shift I gained about half of it back.  This morning I was down again.  We are weighing daily, because it is a good way to get a real average loss.  I tend to go up every weekend, even when I don’t change what I am eating, like I did this weekend.  We are trying to establish a rhythm with this new plan to see just how things are going.  My plan consists of a LOT of fat and a little protein, and even less carbs.  Not to say I have NO carbs, but the ratio is not supposed to fall below 80% fat, 15-20% protein, 5% carbs.  I am eating as many super low carb veggies and having a bit of berries for sweet–I will show you pics in a later post.

http://www.fatfastrecipes.com/order-fat-fast-cookbook-by-dana-carpender/ This is the book I am using. Click the link to buy it–and NO, not making money to suggest it.

Link to buy.

For right now, we are doing “FAT FAST” during the week and Atkin-ish induction on the weekends.  My blood Sugars are going down, but not they way they have done in the past.  It may take the rest of this week or next to get them all the way down. Sadness, because until they fall, I cannot have WINE on the weekends!  Sadness! 😞😢😞😢😕😢😞. I am dreaming of Wine and Tequilla–not exactly, but it does sound good too me. 

 I do plan to have a respite this month for my anniversary.  I will follow this plan for the most part, but with a glass of wine for dinner and possibly a cocktail or two, and a bit more fruits and veggies–REAL FOODS.  Hehe.  I am looking forward to that time.  It will completely stall my weight loss, but ones 28th anniversary is worth having a bit of fun.

More tomorrow!

11 thoughts on ““Diet Plan” UpDate

  1. My food pyramid is the complete opposite of yours, I am on a LF HC lifestyle and it works for me… 😉 ❤ .
    And about the word, a diet is basically what you eat. It does mean you starve yourself and hallucinate about food all day so go for it. I wish you all the best. You deserve health, love, happiness and lightness ! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • And that is AWESOME! I am glad it works for you. In fact I am jealous that yours doesn’t work for me. Runs my BP up and BS’s up, and cholesterol up. It is my fav diet–but I can only eat 500 to 800 calories if I want to eat that all day. Not good.

  2. I use to say “lifestyle change” to try to convince myself that it would feel more permanent than “diet.” Did not last any longer. But I like that you posted the definition cause that’s exactly what it is! I’m currently on the “Calorie Watch until I Hulk Out From Hunger” Diet. It’s been 10 days since last incident.

  3. I completely agree!!! I understand why other people want to stay away from certain words for their own mental health but they do need to understand that not everyone is crazy when they use the word. I totally get your diet, there are certain health needs that this is proven to work better for. PCOS, which I have, is one of them. I eventually will have to rework my eating habits to fit this model with time, most likely.

    • What is PCOS? You and I have so many fun issues to work through! You should hear some of the comments folks make about my diet. I have to constantly explain it. It I confusing to my mind as well.

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