Squeaking forward.


Totally sexy stuff right there … just sayin’

Yeah, bae bae!  I got on that thang and rode!


I’ve been softly pushing myself.  Probably, in a moment, I will go ahead and swim lightly to get the kinks out of my body from last night’s short bike ride and this morning’s sunrise walk to the beach.


I’ll swim once I get the gunk out … seriously time to spend the $$s on the vacuum!

Last evening, I road my bike down to the Crab Trap & Public beach area.  I do this because with IBS-D one must always consider where the potties are.  I even stuck my toes in the sand–it was amazing to walk along the beach.  I have only been to the beach about 5 times all Sumer and Fall.  Not because I didn’t want to go, but because with all the med changes and foot injuries it was nigh unto impossible for me.


Mikey Likes me!


It was a lovely evening.

I had hoped that I would be stronger from all the summer swimming, and maybe I am, but the most recent bout with illness has made me very weak.  Still, Mike and I rejoice that the temps are cooler and we can actually manage the intense heat of effort and be outside doing things more like our normal selves.  It feels glorious and like a HUGE victory if I am being honest.  After months of house confinement and barely any activities–this is AMAZING!

Still–once I get up from writing this I will walk like the Frankenstein Monster and once that loosens up I start to walk limply along.  But hey, I’m kickin’ it–Just ask me–I’ll tell ya. Wait, I already am.  One has to razz oneself a touch here and there.

But I had to “toot’ my own horn as my Dad likes to call it.  Mostly, because no one else would–no one has seen my efforts … so there.

I’m tired so I am going to go swim a bit see if the cold water wakes me up … let cha know…



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