It’s 11:32 PM and I scrambling for a post

Hello out there … out there … out there.

I feel as if I am out here alone, not because I have no readers or that I have no commenters, but because I have not been able to respond, write, or peruse the blog-a-sphere.  My life has been so upside down and turned around since the neck injury, between the traveling, the medications, and trying to catch up with myself (something I have yet to do) I feel most days as if I have forgotten something.  I have no idea what all I am forgetting because each day brings new obligations with itself to go with all those overdue projects waiting for my attention.  Does anyone else know what I mean?

While I was at the neck doc I popped over to the clinic hopped on the scale and picked up food.  I had gained from the day before and was up a half a pound–such is life.   Over all I am doing well.  My neck is better, but not completely healed.  Several other places on my body are acting up, but that is also to be expected given the limited amount of exercies I am able to have.  Regarding my neck and spine: I have degenerative disc’s in three places.  We already knew this they do not appear to have changed.  We figured out why it started though.

I don’t know if I mentioned to you all how I rammed my head into the door frame of my car coming back from the beach.  I hit my head on the door frame so hard that the people inside the gas station came out to see if I was alright.  I have driven pick up trucks (I love trucks–I don’t know why, but I DO) and Large SUV’s for the last 10 years and I am not used to bending down to get into a vehicle (we usually needed a back up truck for our business–I decided we needed a change).  I think I can manage to NOT ram my head into the car frame from this point on, but I am not completely sure.  We will have to see–sometimes I am a slow learner.   I have to say I REALLY miss my SUV!

I am so tired that I don’t know if I coming or going.  I hope that I return to my normal self soon.  Other than that I am GREAT!  hehehe!

Check y’all later …..S

5 thoughts on “It’s 11:32 PM and I scrambling for a post

  1. You are having a rough time and that is horrid. As always you are so plucky. I really miss it when you don’t Blog or comment on mine but I really do understand. My thoughts are with you

    • Thanks Ducky.
      I miss it when I don’t do those things as well. I am working on keeping myself plucky. There are times it get down right hard to do that. 🙂

  2. Oh boy. First your neck and now your head. Slow down, woman, I’m thinking that must be the message. No worries if you have no time to read and write at the moment, we all know real life is first, virtual is second. Take good care, Shonnie, we miss you but please don’t hurt yourself over it. You are worth waiting for. Thanks for the note to let us know what’s been going on for you, that was sweet 🙂

    • Aurora — girl these things have been there for a while–I just usually workout to keep them in check and then one thing, as they say, lead to the other. The neck is a present from my ex-hubby–he was a great guy. Looking forward to checking up with all of you all. 😀

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