Good Morning

I am sitting in my bed sipping coffee (that Mikey left for me) in my favorite keep-it-hot-thermos trying NOT to eat.  I am so very hungry.  My tummy is growling.  I need to get as much liquid down me as I can–this is a challenge, since all I want is FOOD.  I thought it would be a good distraction to come and talk with you all instead of sitting here focusing on how VERY HUNGRY I am, but, alas it seems that is all I can talk about.  FOOD.

The shocking lack of food.

Why is it when you aren’t allowed to do something that is all you can focus on?  I don’t totally understand that.  Is said craving motivated by the fact that whatever you can’t have what has been forbidden–is this why I can’t take my mind off the grumbling in my tummy?

Yesterday, I was barely hungry until 9:30 AM, granted that is a very unusual state for me to be in the morning–without hunger.  Why couldn’t that be my lot this morning–no–I gotta be STARVING?  I get so hungry first thing in the morning my beloved has taken to leaving my OptiFast bars on my bedside table along with my piping hot coffee.  He started doting on me in this charming manner durning the pregnancy years, because if I didn’t eat almost upon waking I was making us both very ill (Oddly, the queasies never went away after the kiddo’s were born).  I get rather sick (violently) if I don’t eat upon arising in the morning, and since we both gag, choke, and puke when we hear such noises–he got the jump on our situation by removing all possibility of it taking place.  Why would he be so kind and spoiling?  My sweet honey is never hungry in the morning, but my Mikey is VERY queasy–so now you know why I am so spoiled.  Hehehe  He is covering his own behind.  It is still extremely sweet and I appreciate the treatment regardless the reason I get it.  Wouldn’t you?  😀

That helped some, but not much.  The coffee is helping, but not much.  Uhhh and next I have to go into the kitchen to warm the tea (hot flavored water is more like what I drink–still have to get those 64 ounces of water down–water makes me gag too).  WHAAHAA.   It is chilly in the house … I can’t have food … I just feel like whining.  😦

I will be ok in a bit … let me refocus again.  What can I tell you all about now?  Oh, I know … what did the snarky little scale say this morning?  188.2 …. I have to say I like those numbers much better than 192.8!  (Smiling)  Oh and for two days running my blood sugars have been 95 and 98 upon arising.  That is some good fasting blood sugar numbers!  BP (blood pressure) numbers have been dropping too.  I am down to two meds on the BS (Blood Sugar) meds–used to be 5 with one of those doubled in strength.  I couldn’t take my third med for the BP either yesterday–numbers were dropping too low to take them.  Yea!

Why you ask, have my numbers been dropping?  Well, I have been eating a very low fat, low carb diet–Transition Week One plus apples type foods, or think primal/paleo/atkins–very good low fat meats and green veggies plus apples.  It is more like OptiFast week Week One transition food though, because you are only allowed one meat and one veggie at a time.  OptiFast is great, but real food rocks.   I love the blood sugar numbers I get from eating this way.  I will probably eat this way for the rest of my life within reason.  After I get to goal I will add in a few more healthy fats–cuz a body needs its fat to function properly–right now though, I have plenty extra fat to go around.  🙂

Well, I should probably get going … oh … I just realized that I never told you why I can’t eat.  Haha!  That’s what I get for whining so loudly an almost holy post–I have to go and have blood drawn.  I am fasting.  YUCK.  If I don’t drink enough water, tea, coffee, or other liquids then I will have mega pain.  My blood vessels are kinda ornery like that.   Cross your fingers that they can get it on the first draw!  Sometimes I come home looking like a drug user.  I’m like honest ABE–can’t tell a lie(most days)–I was feeling snarky myself and made you wait until the end to find out why I couldn’t eat. Wasn’t that fun?


See y’all Later ….S

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Every action starts in the head… getting the head right is the key to success – I’m exactly the same, as soon as I think of getting back to basics I’M STARVING – even though I’m NOT actually starving!!! Mmmm I think I’m going to get me a thermos cup lol and get John to bring me tea in bed 😀 xxx

  2. Woot for the more gentlemanly scale! Manners from those little suckers make all the difference in the world! It’s you and me girl… plodding along toward our ultimate goal weights. And we’ll both make it! Eventually.

    • I know … totally special when they are polite. True, we will sometimes it just feels like FOREVER, especially after the way we flew through the other parts. 😀 I missed all these cool comments –how I am NOT sure!

    • Thanks girl. It has been toooo long since I read some of your funny stuff! You are one witty lady. See you in a bit. Thanks for stopping by and checking on me.

    • I did Ducky– and thankfully that is over and my YUMMY lunch is down in my tummy now. I am VERY FULL and feelin’ fine. Kinda stuffed even, and that is awesome, since it is all I can have until late this afternoon. 🙂

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