Don’t Faint … She’s Posting again!

The many faces of Shonnie

The many faces of Shonnie

No, I’m not crazy … well … I don’t think so anyway.

If your curious why so many moods right now, all you have to do is read my last post (by clicking here) to find out WHY I am all over the place.  Life is good–don’t miss understand my rantings.  I’m just learning to adjust to this new phase of my life.  It is WILDLY emotional.  I’ve, mostly-kinda-sorta, accepted where I am.  I know it will pass.  Life will change, grow, move forward, and I will adapt.  I always do.

I’ve been shuffling around with several new ways to eat. Sorry that I never got back to you about the hopefully optimistic plan–that would be because it stopped working on the weight loss front.  Still, I am eating  A LOT of food, which feels amazing … in case you wondered.  I started gaining a touch then that slowed down and then has started creeping up again.  When you consider that I am lifting weights … just creeping up is HUGE for me and really a win.  I love the eating until I am not hungry part.  Still, I think I will need to tweak this plan a touch further.  So, I guess I am still hopefully optimistic.

In the middle of all this, my thyroid has decided we needed have an additional struggle to deal with, as if working out a life style eating plan wasn’t enough.  I think I have that worked out, then my hair starts falling out … gotta love life sometimes.  If you didn’t have enough going on lets go bald.  YUM!  I have had huge battles with fatigue and lessening the thyroid which will probably correct the hair loss … well … if I cut back the meds that means I go back to slug-like-a-dead-dog land.  How do I know?  I tried to do that.  Who wants to live in the bed???  Not this girl.  So … on with baldy.  It’s a good thing Mikey likes me anyway I come!  Just sayin’.

On the yummy for the tummy food front, life has been GRAND.  Yes, I am super low carb, but that does open the door for fat.  Y.A.E.S!  I do love me some fats.  I have probably had way too many calories and that is why I am not losing, but honestly, after two years of restrictive diets … eating until I am not hungry has been GRAND!!  Even if I haven’t lost.

Let me share some food with ya that I made yesterday… Yes!!  hahaha

Can you guess this is a low carb pizza crust and fixin's in the making??

Can you guess this is a low carb pizza crust and fixin’s in the making??

My crust was a jump off of my Cauliflower Pizza Crust, that I wrote about in Dreaming of Pizza (click on link to find recipe).  This crust was made of half  zucchini and cauliflower.  I also added fresh parsley, and basil.  I covered the top, after baking while it was still warm, in a thin layer of butter (yes–real butter) and sprinkled garlic granuals over that before topping the pizza with spinach, beef ‘n sausage cooked with mushrooms, onions, hot peppers, garlic, and — DON’T faint — green olives.  The green olives ARE AMAZING in that mixture.  Even my daughter who does not like green olives LOVES this!  Of course topped with bacon, red bell pepper, and goat cheese!  I know … fat fest.  Loved every minute of this!  I use a 13 x 9 baking pan and you get 8 BIG slices out of this.  One slice is:

      • 384 Calories, 15.4 grams fat, 810 mg sodium, 8.8g carbs, 3.7 g fiber, and 18.2g protein.
How it looks when it is all done.  YUM.

How it looks when it is all done. YUM.

Last night I had two slices.  You could keep the calories down by throwing in a nice green salad.  Total yumsville.  I cannot figure a way to make the crust crispy.  You can’t fold it over … you have to use a fork to eat it, but really–I don’t care, because it helps me to get something I love without the pain or the gain.

It makes a GREAT breakfast after a Donna slaughter time!

See ... just pop in toaster oven and warm while you make your eggs.

See … just pop in toaster oven and warm while you make your eggs.

Don’t hate me cuz I’m Full!     😀

I took mine out to the porch, which is where I am right now, to enjoy them while I listened to the birds sing.  It has been a wonderful morning.  Donna abused me and I fed me!  😀  A great day so far.

Lifes good … even when it sucks.  So smile like ya mean it.  Even if you looks scary like I do.  hehe.  🙂


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