Whaz UuuuuP?

Waz up which you man?  (I am from Louz-ana–I talk crazy sometime! So–get over it!) Me?

Before you lose your mind or think I have ... this YUM salad cost me a WHOLE 250 Calories ... don't be a panicin' on me! 😀 I know you see meat (beef and turkey mix) and Avocado in there but that is all the fat you will find in this lovely meal. I used lime and vinegar to spice it up a bit. VERY YUMMY! 😀

Well, I have been working on a Year in Review post … looking back at photos from my year’s journey down Obesity Lane, and eating some Kick Butt Food (more about that tomorrow).  WOW!  I can say I am VERY happy with where I am now.  I know I have a lot more things that I want to accomplish … BUT … I am pretty darn happy as a rule with my personal progress.  I wish I had not gained since I returned from Alaska, but that is just how my cookie crumbled, and I have to roll with that and make the best of my new year.  I am, and I will!

I have great friends behind me (check out Butt Kickers Club to see my Blog Buddies–they are the BEST!), a great medical team, wonderful family support, and the best husband a girl could ever hope for … so no matter what … I WIN!!!  I like that.

I guess you can feel the positive shift in my writing tone by now.  That would be several days of rest followed by a couple of REALLY GREAT nights of sleep.  Man … what an attitude changer sleep is.  Also, my Doc upped the Thyroid meds.  I guess I was draggin through the mud because I had too many weights against me to function properly.  I am really blessed to have such help surrounding me.  I feel that I have a safety net of support that will catch me should I stumble.  For the first time in my adult life–where weight loss is concerned–I feel like I am going to win what ever battle I set my mind to.

What a wonderful feeling.  The feeling I cannot lose.  If I don’t lose another ounce — I am in a wonderfully healthy place.  If I gain several pounds — I KNOW I will kick it back to the curb with exercise, and, if need be, I will hit the diet trail hard, and it will be off in no time flat!

This is a big deal for me.  I have been stewing in my weight loss juices trying to figure out my next step–not

Tired or no ... yesterday was sunny so I got out in it! Yeah, I even ran a bit and shook my booty in Mike's face when I beat him home--he was in the car! (to be fair he thought I couldn't possibly have made it as far as I did and went looking for me.) Today, it is raining. 😀

wanting to lose the ground I have gained–feeling a little panicked because I couldn’t keep moving forward.  I was on constant simmer (notice all the food-isms–wonder if that means anything?), when all these wonderful thoughts, previously mentioned, occurred to me.  I began to feel myself empowered.  I can do this hold pattern.  I can rest.  I can let my body recover.  Why?  Because I can handle what ever comes.  This was a GREAT feeling.

I needed to arrive here before stepping on the scales.  I simply HAD to be at this place of stability, because there is a possibility that my scale news will be much worse than I want to see. Still, I HAVE TO get back on the scales again.  I cannot allow myself to get off course. I have come too far to lose my footing now. I am so glad I have begun the shift towards my internal center; my state of being at peace with myself.  I HAD to get there before moving forward with any plan, and this lack of center is most likely the reason I have been unable to develop my plan. How can you develop a plan for your life when you cannot handle the truth of your situation?  I don’t think you can.  I had to be at the place where the scale didn’t matter.  What my weight is or is not right now is just a fact or truth.  I must know it, own it, and act according to what will get me to my ultimate goal of a healthy lifestyle.  Living in ignorance will NOT help me with living healthy.  Only truth about what I eat, how I stay active, and knowing what I weigh is a useful tool that will help me keep my feet on solid ground.

Today, I believe, I am at that place mentaly where I CAN tackle my life.  I am at the place where I can know the truth. I am sure the correction of physical problems has helped my attitude immensely–and I am beyond grateful for that! I am ready for next week’s weight in whatever the out come … How are YOU?

Blessings …S

P.S.  Will you hold my hand if I get news so bad I cry?

20 thoughts on “Whaz UuuuuP?

  1. Thank you for being real. Life happens. Good times and bad. If you never shared the down times, no one could relate to you. We do have a resting place…Our God is good… all the time. Keep shining your light for others to see. :}

    • Thank Loretta for your support! God is good ALL THE TIME! I am a blessed woman. Sometimes, I get so tired it takes some sleep to see it. 🙂 Thankfully, God is kind and helps me focus and balance myself. 😀

  2. Cry away my dear. We, too, can kick your butt! Besides, when taken as a whole, you’ve done mahvelous….just mahvelous. You can hold your head high. You’ve lost weight and with it some pills, you’ve become a grandmother and you look fabulous.

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