Weigh In Day … I still have no idea what #


Yep, it was Weigh in Day.  The dreaded hop on the scales and see how well I measured up to what goals I had planned for myself.   Was my goal specific enough to achieve?  Was my goal measurable–well, yeah,  ‘cuz we are weighing me.  Was my goal achievable?  Was I realistic with my planning?  Was my goal timely?  You know a S.M.A.R.T. goal (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely).

You ask your self this often, weither you wish to or not, at EatRight UAB–because their method of “reprograming” each student’s way of thinking forces the individual to look at his/her goals.  I call us students because we have classes to attend that equip those willing to accept the challenge with the tools to overcome the dreaded villain “Obesity.”  The dietitians, trainers, psychologist, and former “students” come before us week after week to challenge our ways of thinking.  Not in a negative way, but in ways that make you, as a hopeful “loser,” think about what you are expecting of yourself.  Are your expectations realistic?  Are you too soft on yourself?  These are all questions that the program pushes the invested user to examine.

What were my goals for the week?  I will have to tell you later because it is time to go lift weights with the hubby, and I have been on the phone with kiddos who live in Alaska all afternoon — soooooo— I am so gonna have to just forget the rest of my post.  😀

Without further ado, I lost one half pound this week.  Which is AMAZING!  Just sayin’!  That is with lifting 2x’s, Reforming 2x’s, several runs thrown in for good measure, and two days lost in no journal land.  I am VERY pleased.  All I would need for this to be perfect was a nice LONG Bike ride–then life would be complete.

Blessings y’all!

Come on Y'all ... Get up and Get Out there! Life's too short to waste it sitting in front of the boob tube! 😀



8 thoughts on “Weigh In Day … I still have no idea what #

  1. With the lifting, the trend I noticed back when I used to do a lot was that your weight will go up as your muscles build, but then it will be more or less set and you’ll burn more calories while resting; and, the ‘fat weight’ will start to melt off, too. In other words, you’re doing great!

    • That is what I keep telling myself Wade — even though I weigh more than you! haha! I think this is the best choice for myself because it will make all of me healthier–even if it gets me to my goal weight a SLOWER! 🙂 Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. They mean so much more than you know. 😀

    • I don’t think I had a trick. I fasted part of Monday, but that was just because of a big dinner I had planned that I knew would put me over my calorie count. Honestly, I didn’t know if I over ate or not, because i couldn’t remember anything I ate. I had worked very hard at doing well early in the week, but lost count of what was what durning those days of extreme stress. Not the best place to be–in the dark.

      I am gonna keep on workin’.

    • 😀 It was fun … I was tired FAST tonight. Sorry for whimping out. But it was worth the time. 😀 Can I say that I am so excited about losing at all when I expected to GAIN??? 😀

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