This was going to be an amazing post.  The SUN came out and I am gonna get out in it!  So the amazing post will have to wait for later.  For now …. enjoy this wonderful motivational pic I found on Facebook:

Mo is a real woman who decided she didn't wanna be Fat anymore, but FIT! 😀

I love finding motivation from amazing people who have taken their lives and turned them upside down.  Check Mo out @

See y’all when I get back.  🙂

Who knows … maybe I will run.  hahahaha …S

16 thoughts on “Motivators

    • I spent it with my honey. He left today for 4 days and I just gave up everything to hang with him. Well, not everything, we goth worked out Sat … and made so YUMMY food that was on my diet. 😀

  1. Speaking of motivation…..I just signed up for my first cycling race (since the last time I crashed and broke my ribs) now I have to actually start training with my nifty road bike.

    • WOW! I am impressed with you! When did you break your ribs? that takes a LOT of courage to sign up for one of those after a fall like that! Do keep me posted on your progress! Take some pics!

      • Two years ago….ironically enough at the same race. I went over the handlebars. I will take pictures just for you. I plan on “attempting” to log my training efforts. I will keep you posted.

      • Thank you for humoring me with pics. You know how excited I get about seeing pics of you — and then you add in the whole bike factor and that will shoot it over the moon. 😀

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