Memories ….

Yesterday …. getting four years older isn’t always BAD! 😀

…Misty Water Colored …Memories of the way I was ….

I have been feeling really FAT lately, really crowded, super cluttered, and majorly disorganized.  My life has not been my own, but is in the process of being mine once again.  I hope.

I haven’t been feeling great about my life progress–then I had to go take my drivers license photo.  As I stand before the lady awaiting my “Dreaded DMV” photo, she asked sweetly with an air of expectation if there were any changes.  I looked at her and said no everything’s the same.  But–wait–I have lost a bit.  She smiled and agreed that there was a considerable change to my appearance.  I thought I would let you be the judge.

What cha think?  Do you see a change?

Here’s the proof in Black and White! 😀

Sometimes … the way were were … is a nightmare that one quickly tries to forget.  I am pretty excited with all my body changes that haven’t been so positive in the “SCALES” department, that my photo did show a huge change for the better.  😀

Well, I hate to leave you with such a short note, but I am very far behind in leaving for the week of work at the beach.  I know … my life is so awful … but somebudy has GOTTA do it.  I am so glad it is me!  hehehehe!


28 thoughts on “Memories ….

  1. Hi there ! I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award ! Have a look on my blog to see more about it !!! Congratulations !!!

  2. You look mahvelous!!! Hey, who cares about the numbers on the scale every day? If those photos on your license don’t illustrate how far you’ve come. And priorities shift when the grandchildren arrive – coming from a new grandmother….

  3. Shonnie………….. TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!! You are looking beyond a shadow of a doubt – AMAZING!!! I get where you’re coming from though – I’ve gained 8lbs in all, but worse than that I’ve stopped practically any form of movement! I’ve not just gained pounds I’ve re-gained wobbly puffy bits – don’t know how I’m going to get back to where I was but I know I’m not giving up and I’m going to try like crazy!!!

    I’ve missed you lady!!!

    Love to you xxx

    • DAISY! I have missed you so! I wish I had only gained 8 pounds. Try close to 20!! YUCK! Still some is muscle–I knew it would happen–about 10 pounds worth, but I had no idea I would struggle so bad with getting my food right for training and the like … then there is all the stress and who gives a poot about working that hard on diet!! Groan — I am doing better lately!

      • Oh Shonnie!!! Look at us – we have worked so hard, we can’t continue to back peddle on this!!! I feel like I’ve not learned a thing over the past 18 months! I’ve reverted to type… and it’s depressing me – I’ve been struggling with stress and depression and once again I’ve been eating through my emotions 😦 at least you have continued training! We both need to re-read the beginnings of our own blogs lol xxx

      • Well, this was one such setback that I KNEW I would have to deal with. I am playing around and around with how to deal with it … so far nothing is working right. I am going to have to find a specialist who understands training and eating for leaness. I was eating too little at first. That is why I gained. Lately — I eat mostly super great–probably a little too much of it to lose though. I hate my size. My hubby LOVES my size. We have been going round and round this. I have finally won this battle. He agrees that I need to do what I WANT! It will just have to wait until after October. I want to give this race my best shot. 😀

    • I needed that Grumps! I really did. I have felt so fat lately. Felt so off, wrong, out of control, dissapointed in myself … then there is this photo! I needed this reminder that I HAVE COME a LONG way! Yea us!! 😀

  4. It is literally like two different people.

    I saw this post 2 days ago, and I have to admit I’ve been pea green with envy ever since. I think about the change you were able to make and it motivates me to want to do more for myself.

    Sincerely, way to f-ing go.

    • AWE Tif! Thanks! I really needed this comment. Sometimes it just feels like I am going no where to meeting my goals. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a slice of joy that you came! I hope you find your grove and run with it!! 😀 Keep me posted–I really do wanna know how you do!

  5. I’m sooo incredibly impressed and proud at this moment. You look gorgeous! No matter what the rude little scale has been telling you. I’m finding I can fluctuate on the scale up to ten pounds without feeling any difference in my clothing. I’m not sure where those ten pounds are coming and going, but if I can’t find ’em I don’t care!

    • I am trying to make up my mind to be like you Beth, but I have found some of mine on my RUMPASS, and mid-section. The rump is from squats and biking, the gut … well that is from EATING! …Or not eating enough. Still don’t have that all the way down yet. I think I am going to have to break down and go to a specialist in training and eating. Who knows. So good to hear from you! I was sorry to hear about all your ups and downs lately–in the pain arena. Hope you are starting to feel better — will be popping over to find out soon.

  6. the change is amazing between the 2 pictures ! it should be enough to kick the poor feelings out of your way and make you feel good and confident about yourself again ! xoxo

    • Almost enough. There are a lot of mirrors around and they keep reminding me that I found 20 of the 100 pounds I lost. Still … this photo helped a LOT! 😀

    • Thanks David.

      I am doing pretty great today. My hubby and I have been working A LOT. Life has had many challenges of late, but we got two whole days alone and that helps so much!

    • I laughed out loud when I read this comment. I had listed I weighed 190–when I clearly weighed about 275–hahaha … Now, I weigh 20 pounds less than my drivers license used to say I weighed.

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