Did you know ….?

…That writing requires emotional energy?

I always suspected as much, but my life of recent has proved that out for me definitively.  If I am drained of emotional energy over an extended period of time–I find it almost impossible to write.  Even short brief posts.  It seems that when under duress–I am devoid of creativity for anything other than survival.  I am a survivor, so don’t be feeling sorry for me.  I am all right.  My life has just taken several turns for the crazier side since Christmas time.

I am doing all that people tell you to do to make sure you “jolt” your emotional energy levels.  Click the link to read more about boosting your emotional energy.  I am working to keep things in perspective–it is just a HUGE challenge.

A very fabulous Distraction has been added to my life. 🙂

This crazy shift has cost me on many levels.  My weight, my sleep, my energy levels, and the list goes on and on.  Before some of you get too worried–I am fine.  No one is dying.  No one is wounded, in the hospital, about to go on trial for murder, or another other such major life trauma.  My grown son, his wife, and my five month old grandson have all moved in with me.  They moved back home from Alaska.

I think that says it all.  Having another family move into your home is extremely trying.  They are all trying to be very good, and my perfect grand child is of course fabulous.  All these changes, however, make for enormous challenges for Shonnie to keep on track with my health goals.

I mean seriously … could you be upset about having such a hunk-O-fine man crashing in on your life? I know I can’t. 😀

This video will give you an idea of the race, and what I so badly want to do all by myself.  This IS a big dream of mine.  I am not sure why the last two years things just keep coming up to make it impossible to train as I would like.  **She groans knowing that she would not change a thing**

As per my Goal to Run/Bike/Kayak for the Martindale Tri in October??? I am so far behind in my running that I am concerned that all I will be able to do is ride the 16.5 miles, and row again.  We can’t get the training in we need to have in order to be properly prepared.  Every time we get on a roll — something else breaks, gets complicated, or just erupts into chaos.

It is hard with being two cars short.  We are jumping through proverbial hoops in an attempt to get all the work done.   Life is a MESS!  A good mess, but still a MESS!  I know we will get a grip on this, but for now I kinda feel like I have been caught in a whirlwind, and barely have a sense of which direction is what.

I am working on correcting the diet problem.  THANK GOD that there is at least one part of this madness I CAN control.  I don’t always “FEEL” like controlling my eating, but after a weekend of “off” my life-change-foods–and all the tummy troubles and sickness that followed–I really am NOT interested in eating off plan.  My eating habits ARE a lifestyle change, not a diet.  I just plain feel better when I stick more closely to my plan.  No, I am so not perfect — or I wouldn’t have gained weight.  Mostly, this is just a matter of learning how to live–in a stress ball–and WIN.

We all know I am gonna WIN, because that is just how I am. I am learning that I am WORTH the investment in myself.

How about you?  Do you believe you are worth the effort it takes to care for yourself?  Do you think it is all just too hard to deal with?  I know I have thought all those things before and struggled a bit lately.  I know my answer … What is yours?

Come on …


I was on my way for a 3+ mile walk/run. Yeah … I keep pressin in. What did you expect I would do? Quit? hahahahahaha … Failure is NOT an OPTION. Life is for living.  Sometimes living means you fail, you fall, you stumble, but you NEVER ever quit.  I do think I need to put on make up or something though … what the heck is up with my chin??? On a fun note:  Can you see the cool blue sky and green of the ball fields refelected in my glasses?

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