Hello from the Bayou


Death is a natural part of life, yet I feel robbed. I accept the reality of death. I wish/long that somehow the passing of those we love did not hurt so badly, but could be as gentle as the passing of seasons.


12 thoughts on “Hello from the Bayou

  1. I am so sorry for your loss….I do know….loosing my parents within a year of each other was the hardest time of my life….be good to yourself and know that grief is hard work. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Big Hugs…..

    • Thanks HRC! It has been a very hard year. Lots of stressful stuff. So much loss. So much change. Life is still good. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the hug. made my heart feel good.

  2. The more joy in love, the more the hurt …trying to remember the good times….Home inspection went well…..the woman loves the house, the husband loves the yard….what more could I ask for…….in this awful turn of events…only God holds the true answers.

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