Today is over …. THANK GOD!

I have hurt and drug all day long.  I got better as the evening went on.  THANK GOD!  Hoping that I wake up on time tomorrow so that I join the group workouts.  😀

After two years of talking … I ordered myself a heart rate monitor, The Mio Alpha Strapless Heart Rate Monitor, click on the link if you would like to see the one I ordered.  Going tomorrow to take back one heart rate monitor I purchased today from Best Buy, because I think the one I ordered will work better.  I hope that Best Buy has the Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep tracker (click link to see it).  Why am I getting both?  Mikey said he wants to KNOW what is going on with my body.  So … I’m doing just what he said.

I could have gotten one from UAB Eatright, but it can’t get wet.  So, I am getting the activity log (can’t get wet) and the heart rate monitor (that can get wet), both which cost about the same as the UAB monitor.  The good thing about the activity logger is that it records your sleep patterns (like the UAB monitor)–so I can see if I am getting proper sleep with my Apnea machine.  This will help me when I go back to the doctor in a few weeks.  All good stuff.

I’m eating well and being active … now … I am going to learn if I am over-stressing my body, or just barely pushing it to its limits.  Can’t wait to start giving you guys updates on that.  I sure hope it will help me turn my health all the way back around and loose the 35 pounds I have put back on from my 107 pound best.  I just want to EAT, Play, and LIVE.  I want to learn how to eat that will allow my body to work to its best ability.  I want to be able to survive Donna the Trainer Nazi Jone’s workouts without feeling like I have died.  I’m never sure if I have eaten too much or too little.

I pray this is going to take the guess work out of what is up with my body.  I guess if it doesn’t then, I will be heading back to UAB Eatright to lose the 35 pounds with professional help.  This has been a journey and PROMISE you right now I am still an Angry-not-as-fat Fat Woman.  Can’t lose the title just yet.  Still having way too many battles to step away from that name — and I am so angry I could spit nails.

I WILL figure this out — one way or another!  Just sayin’.

You guys take care and be blessed.  I will let you all know how easy these things are to use or if you need to get a degree or a child to help you process them.  😉



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