Does the word diet offend you?

That is all thats in it too.  YUM!  And this will blow my tummy out and cause me to gain if I have it more often than a treat once in a while.

That is all thats in it too. YUM! And this will blow my tummy out and cause me to gain if I have it more often than a treat once in a while.

If it does or you feel the need to tell folks they shouldn’t diet … maybe you need  to rethink things a touch … just a smidgen.  Sorry if that statement seems too strong, or negative.  I am not negative in general, but I am kinda worn out with political correctness and elite thinking about every subject known to man.  Yes, “Diet” or what you eat is a super important subject to me, but I just wish we could TRY to allow people room to grow and learn how to care for themselves without making everything a competition or about being RIGHT.  Why must we be RIGHT? We focus on being right — even down to the words we use to describe how we eat.

So many diets (or what ever you call it — lifestyles/eating programs) focus on a set of rules–even those who claim to just be a lifestyle.  It seems we can make a religion out of anything–including our diet.  If you have any rules, excluded foods, or follow a strict plan you are WRONG with one sect.  If you have no plan, no limitations, or strict goals you are wrong with the next group.  No matter what path you chose there are going to be those who find you OFFENSIVE.  I’m kinda tired of group  think.  It is wearisome at best–the word police come out and start correcting your semantic choice of words or plans on the bad days.  To use the word diet is now BAD.  uhhhhhgggg!  Why do we make simple words bad?  I don’t know the answer if you do … Please share.

Please, allow me to define the word DIET, for any post I may chose to post that includes the dreaded word “diet.”  My definition of the word DIET is the food that one eats.  One’s nutrition, nourishment, food, or regimen — not a set of rules or restrictions, or any plan or program.  If you are still reading this post, (because I am sure there are some that were not able to get past the first paragraph before they moved to “unliking” me as we speak for being so strong in my statements) try if you can, to let go of your hangups about the word diet for just a moment with me — it is just a word that means your lifestyle of eating.  It is short concise  and directly to the point word–for me it is the best descriptor for what you eat–diet.

Many diets/lifestyles/eating programs have a hefty list of Do’s and Don’ts.   This is what makes some dispise the word diet.  I understand that.  I understand that some can lose weight with just small changes in their lives, but some cannot and never will with out a strict plan of action.  Like me with low carbs — it isn’t a preferred diet choice, its that or mega meds. and pain.  Can we agree that we should allow each other some room to define and manage their eating program without getting hung up on words like, low carb, paleo, vegan, diet, or eating program?  I know that so many “diet” pushers promise that if you follow their plans exactly you will feel great, you will be strong, or lose weight.  That always sounds great, but not all diets will work for you or me.  Each of us is unique.  Why do we feel the need to make everyone be the same?  Why?

Why do we feel the need to make one another feel bad about our differences?

I have spend a LOT of time reading up on varied nutrition plans.  Trying not to let my biases make me block good information from being absorbed.  I too, have trigger words, like some do with the word DIET, that will clog my brain with arguments against what I assume they will say.  I shake myself and go back to read.  I do not want to close my mind to an idea just because it goes against all that I have believed good, right, and healthy.  If I had, I would never have tried Fat Fast and learned how truly healthy it is for my horribly insulin resistant body.  This IS NOT for everyone.  Some, it would make super sick–me, it just makes my body work like a charm.

What triggers my shut-off valve?  Articles that slam paleo/primal/low carb and fat fasting.  I know these authors have good intentions to free up people from a “diet” or at least they want to free them up to have the author’s particular flavor of diet.  I have to get past their insults–knowing the truth of how my body works–to dig into the rest of what they have to share.  Digging for the treasure buried within, I brush aside the fluff, hype, and insults to look for the foundations of information that might help me achieve my goals for life.  Again, my goals are learning what will work to keep me healthy and able to be active.  I like to be super active, so that means a touch more work to figure out a good balance.

Why would I bother to dig into information from someone who obviously holds a bias?  Well, I have found most of these diet formulas work for the people who write them, and often times a LOT of other people who follow them.  In my experience there will be some good information buried in the article or post that will help me discover a more perfect way to live a healthy life for ME.  It used to upset me badly (the angry fat woman) that most people could lose and live and eat some of everything.  I can too.  I can eat carbs if I want to load up on meds … but I don’t. I can lose on a higher carb intake, but my tummy will be large and bloated–painful and my moods will be all over the place.  I had to get over being angry that I couldn’t be like everyone else.  I had to learn to look at each diet/lifestlye plan with open eyes and search for what could be usesful to me.

Now, I look at things differently, and I’m not as angry.  I find these proclaimers of different ideas and their personal success encouraging, because if they can find what works for them, then I can find what works for me, too.

I have a lot to learn about my ideal diet.  I have a lot to learn about how MY BODY works.  So do you.  If you haven’t reached your health goals then you are in the same boat as me … and we can’t afford to close our minds to help.  We have to be responsible for our own health.  We have to go to doctors to assure we are healthy each step of our way.  We have to be explorers who can sift through the mounds of information out there and search until we develop a plan that works for us, or we have to go and pay for a professional to help us discover it.  We, above all else, must NEVER GIVE UP!

I have learned how to lose.  That is great.  I love that I weigh almost a 100 pounds less than when I started this blog.  I have learned how to maintain, because staying within a 5 to 10 pound range of weight loss is considered maintenance.  That is awesome too.  Still, I have other goals.  My main goal is being healthy.  I have achieved the main goal.  I am healthy, but I want to be strong, super active, healthy, and maintain weight loss.  I have yet to work that goal out or the diet plan that will help me achieve my goals.

I start training heavier — the way I LIKE TO live, and the weight starts creeping back up.  New studies have shown that fat gain is more common than I realized when seeking to build muscle.  That means one has to be creative if one loves to play hard.  I do–love to play hard.  Meaning, Shonnie girl has got diet planning, exploring, understanding work to do.  She has to come up with a diet plan that will work with her goals for a fit, happy, healthy, active, and strong life.

We all say that a healthy life is a journey not a destination.  I wonder if most people really understand and believe what they are saying.  I don’t think that I did.  I know I meant it, but I was unhappy with myself because I never arrived.  That was an eye opener.  I know this is a journey.  Life is a journey. Diet planning and development is also a journey–one I am learning to embrace.

One has moments–the good, the bad, and the ugly–these moments add up to life.  One never arrives.  One progresses from one moment to the next.  One experience to another.  One lifestyle change to another.  This I am coming to accept–that my diet will never be fully formed–but only outlined for success.

We must learn to roll with the changes life and our bodies throw us and understand that our diets will have to change constantly to adjust for our life goals and health needs.  Maybe you already knew this … but thank you for allowing me to share with you my grasping of the concept that our diets, like our lives, is ever evolving and what works someone may not work for me, and allowing me to share how frustrated I feel over what seems to be judgement on every side.  Aren’t we all just striving to be healthy?

My heart’s joy would be for us all to be kind to each other, understanding we are all on a seeking journey that may end up with a diet that wouldn’t work for the other.  I know I started off strong, and have softened over the course of writing this post.  Maybe, all I needed was to express how frustrated I am that we seem to hammer and bash one another if we don’t all look, eat, walk, talk, and think the same.  It feels some days as though we are all looking for a way to feel better about ourselves by making those who don’t agree with us feel bad about how they think.  I’m no better than anyone else … but I hope … hope that along this journey I will find those true souls who want to join in encouraging each person to press into THEIR Personal journey and discover what life holds for them  without judgment … even in the area of a diet.

Well, it is time to head back  to the beach for work ... you all have a wonderful day.  :D

Well, it is time to head back to the beach for work … you all have a wonderful day. 😀


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