Stew SLAPIN’ Skinny Girls


Ok … I know I have already written today.  Here is where the angry girl comes out in me … I so want to slap the stew out of people sometimes.  I never would, but it sure sounds good to say it; don’t you think??  I mean slapping the stew out of someone gives the visual of a cheek imploding on the mouth so hard that slobber comes flying out.  I realize that is gross but it is also satisfying.  WHY would I want to slap someone like that?  Well … let me tell you ..

Uhhh … I really hate it when Skinny people start talking in front of me about watching what they eat.  Get a life, I already know I am fat.  I don’t need you to subtly (they are about as subtle as a brick upside the head) instruct me on how to lose weight.  I haven’t lost control of my mind.  I know exactly where I am and why.  Most people are skinny for three reasons: They have a naturally high metabolism; they have an eating disorder and do NOT have a correct image of themselves; they are extremely active.  Only two of those are healthy.  Some people really do monitor their weight and activity and keep great control of their bodies and to those people I take my hat off!  Yea you!

BUT I was watching a movie with two “Skinny” girls throwing caution to the wind and deciding not to care about counting calories.  When you are a size 0 in kiddy clothes and you move to a size 2 … maybe you need to face the reality that you have a problem.  Maybe if you are 40 + years old and that small … you just might have a health issue or be anorexic … I’m just sayin’.  Women are supposed to have curves and not be all points and sharp edges!!

I have NO problem with skinny women in general … I would like to be a skinnier me … NOT a size 0 or a size 2: That would be too small.   But Don’t be complainin’ about being fat when you are a size 2 or under … I am just sayin’ … that makes a Fluffy Girl wanna smack ya!

Dizi is probably nicer about this than I am, BUT I know she knows how it is to be around a hubby who can eat all day and still stay slim–no matter WHAT he eats!   I know she fights just like I do to gain control of an unruly body (I read her blog) while watching our hubbies–just live it!!  If my hubby wants to lose weight, all he has to do is stop eating bowls of ice cream every night!  I am gonna shut my mouth … cuz Mikey and I had a good ride even if the scales did say I gained 2 pounds!  I know … I know … I am NOT supposed to weigh.  I blame the skinny girl talk! hehe 🙂

How does an Angry Fat Woman get happy?? Well, she hops on her bike of course and goes for a ride. 🙂

Chasing Mikey around in them tight shorts don't hurt none either. I'm just sayin' ...

You guys have a good night, ya hear … and I promise I will only think about slappin folks … Chow baby … S

10 thoughts on “Stew SLAPIN’ Skinny Girls

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      • I’m shooting for size 10-12… that’s skinny enough for me and my bone/muscle structure. Anything less and I’ll look like I have an eating disorder – no thank you!

      • Yeah … that sounds good to me too, Beth. Depending on what store you go to. You look pretty tall as well. I don’t want to look ill either. my goal weight is 150 – 160 range. love 155. I will be Very Happy with ANYTHING below 200! hahaha!

  2. …and this is where Bill would quote me the following scripture from Phillipians 4:8…

    “And now, dear brothers and sisters, let me say one more thing as I close this letter. Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.”

    … and yes, he does have occasion to quote that to me quite a lot. ;}

    Night Shonnie.

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