The instrument of torture!

Why the title, well when you see the pics you will understand that I feel naked!  Just sayin’.

Today’s post is about the TRAINER NAZI and her evil-younger-male twin at UAB, Adam!

I am so hungry today that I could eat 6 horses.  I have cut by my Diabetic meds to half, because my blood sugar numbers are running at 95 without the other two pills.  My body is FUSSIN’ at me.  It wants food, and it wants it NOW.  Why?  Because these two evil twins abused me.  What is even more bizarre is I pay for this treatment?!?!?!  All joking aside, I really do appreciate these two people for helping me overcome serious hurdles in my physical condition.

Yesterday, Adam had me doing serious squats.  Totally painful.  Calf exercises with crunches on the medicine ball (I often wonder why it is called a medicine ball), all of which DONNA “the trainer Nazi” Jones made sure to hit good and hard today.  There are days I want to smack them both, and I have to say this: they think that is VERY funny.  When you suggest it, they start laughing, evil twin laughs.  I have no idea how Dean Jones’s lives through training with his wife and then living with her too (actually, she is pretty great–love hanging out with her and Doc–BUNCHES).

I know I gripe about Donna, but I do love her; you just can’t help it, and my feeling is if you don’t LOVE Donna–there is something wrong with you–I’m just sayin’.  She is a ball of fun and ready for almost anything.  She decided when she saw that I brought my camera to take a new picture of the reformer machine (the opening pic above) that she was going to take pictures of me on the machine.  I did promise that I would do this some time ago.  So … today is gonna be a Lot more pictures than words.

Please Understand, some of these pictures are not exactly how I want you to see me.  They are not posed for best light in my body, but in form on the machine.  Some of these pictures are quite painful for me to look at, but they are so far from what I once was that I am going to run with this and trust that in-the-very-near-future I will be posting new pictures with flattering images of my stomach for the first time in more than 20 years.  I am acting on faith that these future pictures are coming, and that these less-than-flattering ones today, will serve only as a record for rejoicing.  🙂

I have made a new goal for myself.  I am going to share the previous day’s food log with you all each day.  A new way of keeping myself accountable not to venture too far of my plan.  What is my plan you ask?

Exercise: Well, to keep most of my exercise in the moderate zone, at least every other day the exercises will be 30 minutes or very moderate in intensity for an hour. I am going to keep plugging forward with my two-a-days, but just not very intense.  No more 7 hour bike rides until goal, I will have to settle for 16-20 mile maintenance rides every other day with an occasional 30 or 40 mile ride thrown in for good measure.    😦

Food:  I will keep my eating to very LOW calorie, and LOW FAT foods.  No bread.  No butter, and yes I did have a little butter, but NO MORE.  Today, is NEW day and it will be filled with raw carrots, celery, cucumbers, and the like to fill up my crunchy cravings.  I will be eating more steamed shrimp and grilled with no fat fish and chicken again as my main staples.  My extra food needs will be filled up with OptiFast Shakes.  I don’t exactly have a calorie goal for each day, but 1,000 or less if I don’t do more than an hour of exercise.

So, here we go with the Pics.  I hope they are Not overload.  Blame Donna.  She took all the action pictures of me.  😉

The bench outside the Reformer room ... that I sit and watch the tennis ladies and men walk to the courts and the cardio freaks run up the stairs.

As I sat willingly on this bench waiting for Donna to arrive to punish me for an hour, I noticed that I was generally uncomfortable when people passed me on their way to play tennis or workout in the upstairs Cardio room.  Why was I uncomfortable?  It hit me, I always hated sitting out here waiting when I was heavier, and took up most of the bench, because you could see the questions tellegraph across the faces of the fit folks.  I know from hearing conversations what some of the thoughts are — the fun one — “Do they (speaking of fat people) think coming to the Y counts as a workout, you have to actually work for it to count.”  I was fidgeting just thinking about that, but I am not that person anymore and people look over at me an notice me without my speaking first … Just something I thought about before class started.

My legs ... I have to say it is VERY cool to be able to see light between them. They are my skinniest feature.

Push up planking with weight resistance. OUCH. This was much harder before.

getting ready to bend the knees and bring them forward. I couldn't do this one when I was heavier.

Have you ever tried to smile for the camera while leaning back on your legs while pulling weights to your shoulder? Oh, and don't forget to suck in your stomach and well ... I don't know how to spell the other word.

A different way to plank ... you start out on your knees and then push off and up. YUM!

I totally don't like this pic cuz it shows where I need to lose ... Right smack in the Middle!

This move is one I could NEVER do before right NOW. You start by bridging up like in the previous picture, then lift one leg and move your rumpass up and down. Talk about Pain, But I did it!!! 🙂

Mike sez that I used to take up the whole machine with my body, I don't know. This is leg circles.

I can actually do this position (more straight up and down this shot) without the straps and weights, only a little assist. Yea Me!

This is the second part of that last move before straigthening out the legs to do it all over again.

For vainity purposes, I had to show one that made me look half-way-decent. 🙂

Yep, we get those weighted lunges in there too. 🙂 Ouch in the buns of steel.

On a completely goofy note .... bye! 😉

Blessings … Shonnie

26 thoughts on “Exposure

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  2. Love your blog… and these pics are great, cannot see the stomach you refer to. Gutsy, inspiring and a fine looking woman – the whole SHE-bang lol Thanks for sharing!

  3. I had to laugh at your comments… were you looking for the word “kegel”? Aren’t you so proud of yourself for the advances you’ve made in your workout as you’ve lost weight. Suddenly things that were so difficult get easier. Yeah!

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  5. Oh Shonnie that looks like a torture chamber lol wow! love these pics – you look amazing – what are you on about not looking in the best light – you look darn HOT WOMAN! You really really do – you’re gaining strength every day – your motivated and inspiring to others – I’m still all over the place as far as exercise and calories are concerned – I kind of know the maths to a certain extent but still don’t quite ‘get it’ must sort out a heart rate monitor – was just talking to a friend on FB about it – think it might help – do you use one? xxx

  6. Ahahahahaha someone had also fun 😀

    Awwww you so enjoy it – I saw that. Even though… someone pics have something naughty to them – baad Shonnie – and you smile on those!!!!!!!

    Good one – all the best!


    • Thanks for stopping by and Thank you for saying such a sweet thing. I don’t know if anyone has ever said that to me before. You made my day! 🙂

    • Haha … Miss Emm … you have no idea. Sometimes while she is hurting us bad we are laughing so hard we are disturbing the class on the otherside of the wall. Those folks are more dignified than we are. You are so right … smiling and laughing makes everything better.

  7. OW!! I cannot do that machine at all. Hubby bought me one and I said, “Take it back immediately.” Yep, it almost broke me in half; lol. NO joke, my back is way too much a mess and my hips hurt from it, but there’s other things I can do thank God. I just want you to know that you are amazing to me!! Keep on keeping on~

    • Haha Barb! Well, I wouldn’t do it without the trainer. She makes it where I KNOW what to do and what NOT to do. At the Y you cannot do these machines without a trainer present for the reason you sent yours back. I believe you when you said it hurt you. It always HURTS. Especially if you miss for a while. Thanks girl you are such a blessings. 🙂

    • Thanks girly. I can’t wait to see you on Friday! It has been forever! I miss my walking buddy! I know I have slowed down without you. 🙂

    • Greg you are so right. Love it. Keeps me from being all stiff. What is it with all the getting stiff, couldn’t have anything to do with our ages? Nah! 🙂

  8. Sometimes I say “I’m so hungry I can eat a whole restaurant.” And, given the opportunity I probably would have. I’m so inspired by your quest for health and fitness. Keep it up 🙂

    • Lafe — I know the feeling. I have been that way all day! Thanks … I am kinda liking the whole living thing so it kinda pushes me forward with my goals. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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