Good … uh … Day! :)

Good Morning ….. more like Good afternoon.

I had a GREAT start to my day: I got up when I was supposed to, and got ready to meet a buddy to walk at 9 am, right on schedule.  Sounds like a sure recipe for successful day, right?  Simple enough … But it wasn’t.  I had a great walk, and fantastic conversation outside with Deborah.  It was partly cloudy and cool out while we walked the full track a Veteran Park 1 and 1/2 times.  Thanks Deborah for Hanging with Me and letting me know that we walked 7,500 steps or so … I hope I didn’t slow you down too much.  Normally, working out before the day gets good and started really gets my engines revved up for the whole day.  I feel purposeful and on target.  You know what I mean — getting your day off to the right start really invigorates the body, clears the mind, and empowers the spirit!    Exercise is my favorite way to start my day.

a portion of our path this morning

After our walk, I felt great, not as tired as I had expected, but my body was pretty weak …. so I ate a “chalk” bar … they really aren’t so bad … to keep up my energy. Sadly … that euphoric state did not last.  I crashed.  No, the workout wasn’t too hard, in fact it was pretty close to perfect.  Today’s outing was not so hard as to make you cramp  up or over extend, but hard enough to make you sweat … just the type of stuff I need.  I felt like I could keep on going, but I knew that I had promised not to exercise over an hour at a time … so I stopped.  There has been a disturbing pattern beginning to take form.

For the last week ….. I have found myself in a state that I do not particularly care for … I pass out after exercise.  This is very inconvenient when you have objectives to accomplish.  That’s what happened today–I crashed again.  I became wobbly and weak, and COLD, so I thought … I would just sit down and rest for a minute.  I could not stay awake no matter how hard I tried.  Last week I had forgotten a few medications, and I thought that was the reason for the dragging feeling in my body ….That was not the case today.  I took all my meds this am and still I couldn’t make it without a nap.

What is up?  I have no idea.  =(  I am thinking there will probably be a medicine adjustment made in my near future.  Is it my thyroid meds … do they need to be adjusted up?  Maybe.  It could possibly be ….. that …. one of my other meds needs to be reduced.  Now, wouldn’t that be a TREAT!  I sure think so!  🙂

Guess I am going to have to call one doctor, and talk to the other tomorrow.  It is also possible that this is just part of my process … the process of my body readjusting.  It is also probable that I have hit the wall.  The wall that I normally hit at this weight.  In times past when I reach this weight I experience a multitude of problems.  I am not completely sure why I start experiencing difficulties.  I suppose it is likely that my body is fighting me to rebound back to it’s favorite set point.   Frustrating … I’m just sayin’!

No matter what … Have I mentioned that I will NOT GIVE UP OR GIVE IN?  Ok, just so you know ….. this chick isn’t quitting … she is gonna press through this draggin,’ mopin’ body of hers on to the finish line.

Well ….. I am going to leave it at that for today ….. for tomorrow is another day to itself.  Tomorrow is WEIGH in day #7.


*Sigh* ….. Blessings and peace be yours until tomorrow …..S


10 thoughts on “Good … uh … Day! :)

  1. Not a wall, not at all! (sounds like Dr. Seuss)
    I’m with Mike…sounds like blood sugar. Of course, I’m no doctor! Your body is going through lots of adjustments. Hang on sista!
    I’m so proud of you! Charlotte I’m proud of you tooooooo!!
    Looking forward to your update. 🙂

  2. Hey Wonderwoman…..just wanted to let you know I have lost two sizes in one month with a kick-butt trainer and your inspiration…you have helped a lot on the food part, by sharing candidly on Facebook about your struggles…esp when your around good food…lol. I am proud of you and appreciate your imput!

    • Charlotte, this blesses my heart more than you can imagine. Sometimes, you feel like a boob putting out all your struggles for everyone to see. Your comment is a blessing for my soul. Thanks for sharing on my blog about your success! Isn’t this exciting?!?! We are going down this road together! I truly appreciate you! 🙂

  3. Yeah, ladies, I’m with you on that one. I think her blood sugar gets too low. Her BP is lots lower too (like 110’s over 60’s/70’s). She has wanted to start reducing those meds anyway, so here’s hoping! Mike

  4. I definitely think you should speak to your doctor! Your photography is amazing – the scenery where you walk is beautiful – I can see how it invigorates you! I should get walking properly again – you have inspired me to take my camera with me 🙂 xxx

    • Awe thanks Dizi — it is a hobby of mine. Photos are my favorite souvenirs from where ever we travel too …. photos are the best! Have fun, take that camera … show me what is up! 🙂

  5. Oh dear. That is troubling. I think it has more to do with your body changes related to your weight loss and not the wall you have hit before. Sounds like your meds will have to be adjusted. Take care of yourself. Well be waiting to see how tomorrow pans out.

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